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Eating Disorders

Do you find yourself thinking about food more often than you would like? Do you wish your body was drastically different than what it is now? Do you sometimes feel controlled by food or exercise? Learn more about the different kinds of eating disorders and eating concerns that affect millions of people and how they are treated.


Have you lost the energy and excitement you once had for life? Are friends or family sharing that you seem “off” or distant? Does it feel utterly exhausting to start the day and get through your task list? Depression looks different on everyone and affects people to different degrees. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of depression.

Grief and Loss

Do you feel sadness, anger, or guilt about the recent or past death of a loved one? Are you the caregiver of someone with a terminal or progressive illness? Are you frustrated with the expectation that you “should be OK by now”? Experiencing grief and loss can feel exhausting. Learn more about the signs of grief and how you can get the healing you need to feel whole again.


Do you spend most of your day worrying and picture the worst case scenario? Do you find it difficult to calm your mind at night when you lay down to go to sleep? Have you experienced neck pain, or stomach aches due to stress? Are you constantly seeking safety or avoiding places or things you might “freak out” if you are around? Learn more about how to attain peace and relaxation.

Relationship Issues

We are born needing the care and love of others to ensure that we survive. But even after learning how to technically survive on our own, we never fully lose our desire to be cared for and loved. When our relationships feel unfulfilling, superficial, or abusive, we can be deeply negatively impacted. Learn more about whats causing your relationship difficulties and how to feel more satisfied with romantic partners, friends, coworkers, or family.


Trauma can take many forms. Some may have experienced one major event that was so overwhelming it changed them or their life in a significant way. Others may have grown up in an environment, or lived through a toxic relationship where many smaller experiences changed how they view themselves or their life. Learn how to identify the belief systems keeping you stuck and re write them for healing.

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