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Welcome to The Mind Body Balance Institute

Congratulations on taking a huge step towards the life you want by looking into your options for professionals who can help you get there. Each person I have worked with has shared such unique stories about the journey that led them to making this life changing decision, and I often find myself in awe of the strength it takes to make the first phone call to a professional. All change can feel nerve-racking, even when it’s a really, REALLY good change!


As a licensed psychologist with multiple years of training and clinical experience with the full range of clinical issues, I recognize that taking this step means that you are fed up with how things have been going and just want something different, something better, something longer-lasting. I would be honored by the opportunity to show you that you can get just that.

 ------ Dr. Bhritanie Jardine,

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Accepting Patients in Florida and Washington State

Providing confidential and virtual therapy from the comfort of your own home

Offering specialized services to teens and adults in the following areas: Depression; Anxiety; Eating Disorders; Food and Body Image Issues; Trauma; Grief and Loss; Relationship Issues.

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Learn to Thrive, Not Just Survive

I offer a free phone consultation to hear more about your goals and make sure they are in line with my experience and expertise. Call or email me today to schedule this phone call!

The Mind Body Balance Institute, LLC

5300 W Hillsboro Blvd, Suite 210

Coconut Creek, FL



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Looking forward to connecting with you!

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